The Whitsill Scrapbook

The musical life and times of vocalist Wesla Whitfield and pianist Mike Greensill.

This is a story of two characters who met, worked together, fell in love, worked together some more, got married and then lived happily ever after. Their names are Wesla Whitfield and Mike Greensill. Wesla’s maiden name was Edwards but her first husband’s name was Whitfield and so, taking advantage of the lovely alliteration, she adopted Whitfield as her stage name. The mention of a ‘first husband’ brings up the fact that both of us were married twice before finally getting it right. What can I say, I guess we needed the practice. Wesla’s Christian name was actually Weslia until 1998 when she had the “i” surgically removed - the full story of this name change will appear later in the scrapbook. I, Mike Greensill, did not have as many name adventures, but I was christened Michael Robert. One day, a few years back, we were putting together a garden party invitation when it occurred to Wesla that it would be cute to put together a portmanteau name and call ourselves the ‘Whitsills,’ thereby combining our two names. This book is a random collection of memories, biographies and corresponding photographic evidence. It’s the story of two lives dedicated to music-making and attempting to live life to the fullest.

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